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Printing - all types

Gelli printing, monoprinting, etching, screen printing, lino printing etc

Using Vaseline as a resist - gelli plate


Reductive monoprint - mushrooms

Drypoint etching a first try

Monoprint using oil paints

Using embossed paper on the gelli plate

Using dried paint on a gelli plate

Using a round gelli plate to print

 Printing from magazines using a gelli plate

Large scale monotype using a bin bag

Monoprint portrait - Michael Portillo

 Double gelli printing - with acrylics and stencils 

Screenprinting with soy wax

 Screen printing warm up session

 Beginners lino cutting 

 Heron monoprint


Monoprint with paint and fabric

 Gelli printing in new sketchbook images

 How to use the xcut with gelli prints

Gelli plate - 3 fishes

 Screenprinting - 3 linked posts
How to make a repeat pattern
Printing onto cloth
The results

Screenprinting with die cuts on fabric


  1. Great to receive an update from you and thanks for sharing all of these ideas adventures....Are you aware that lots of the printing links do not work - they take you to the old blog and noting is there. I particularly wanted to see "Screenprinting with soy wax" but nothing doing. It may be that you are unaware of this.

    1. Hello Aine and thank you for your comment letting me know about the problem with the links. I took down the old blog this morning and reverted all the posts to drafts which is why the links don't work. I'm working on putting up the new ones which link to this blog. I've done the printing ones now, but will go back and check all is ok. Good to know there's someone out there!!

  2. Wow, I had to Pin this. So much wonderful info and eye candy, xoxo