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Fabric from Japan

I have gone a little fabric mad, finding I can suddenly make reasonably fitting clothes, and having access to the world of cloth through on line shopping! I never seem to do things by halves and get completely lost in my various enthusiasms 😍

This lovely piece is 100% cotton poplin and is for a kimono jacket I have planned. I'm delighted with it, but would give a warning if you're from the UK. VAT is payable on all sales from around the world and this was levied at about £4, but also because the Post Office have to do the paperwork, they charge an additional £8.

This puts the price of the cloth up a fair bit and I hadn't factored it in. It won't stop be from buying - in fact next time, I'll just buy more so that the whole purchase is worth the extra!!

Today I'm popping a stand up collar on a shirt I'm making, but will blog the pattern details, fabrics and threads later.

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