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Deer and Doe Botany Jacket.

You'd be forgiven, looking at the image on the front of the pattern, that this jacket was a bit longer than it turned out to be. Of course the neck to bum measurements were on the back of the pattern, but I didn't see this when in the shop!

The pattern is printed on good quality paper that could be used lots of times, and I had no problems making it up, and there's nothing I would change if I made it again as it fits my size 14 as it should.

The fabric I chose was bought on Etsy and came from Japan, and I used plain old Gutermann poly threads in dark blue and deep pink for topstitching (there's a tiny tiny fleck of pink running through the fabric)

I'd be happier with a longer jacket (you can of course lengthen, or just buy a different pattern!) for my shape.  Sideways on is not wonderful and I resemble a bell!! 😂 I will avoid garments with a gathered back in future.

I will try and find out all about pattern matching for my next non-plain fabric.


  1. I really love your jacket. The fabric is wonderful and I love the details of the jacket. I've come to accept that I either look like a bell and sometimes an apple in most clothes. I never thought I would move past looking like my Mom and into looking like my Grandmother. LOL!