Deck the halls!

It's that time of year again!

After realizing that my garage "tidy up" had left the box with the Christmas decorations in a totally inaccessible place, which meant putting the battery back in the car, removing several boxes of junk and quilts, and struggling with an over-packed shelf just to get to it, I've begun to Deck The Halls.

I've always liked print trays but don't have a proper one - this little box tray came from a local very cheap supermarket, you know the one, everything is a £, and is lined with some home-dyed fabric and is normally stacked with small collectibles.  At Christmas I empty it out and fill it again with decs.

It's given me an idea and I've been scouring Pinterest to find images of folk who've "pimped" their print trays. I'm going to turn this into a miniature world! Well, maybe I'll buy a slightly better made replacement first as I don't want to spend ages filling it only to find it falls apart under the weight or something. Sort of dolls house meets library meets having a bit of a laugh!

Mind you, the creative to-do list is getting a bit long. I'll have to crack on and start ticking a few things off - but maybe not until after January 1st? I'd love for you to join me as I make a start on it all.

If I'm not back here before then, please have a wonderful Christmas, share some love and take great care. Merry Christmas!!! Thanks for reading xx

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