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Happy New Year!

The Halls have been scrubbed and the ledges dusted and we are, here at Rainbow Towers, back to what passes as normal. I had some lovely arty pressies, a book from a good friend:

I shall really enjoy reading this and will do my best to paint - if not daily - a lot more often on a smaller scale.

My lovely DD bought me this little collection as I want to try drypoint etching etc. I've no idea where to start or what the pen thingies are, so I guess a bit of reading is needed 😍.  Lots to do this year, and fun to be had - best get started - I do hope you might like to join me!

Fabric Xmas Wreath - last minute quick make

I reckon this took me about 35 minutes and children will find this pretty easy too! I'm not a great one for spending time hemming bunting etc and am always looking for something quick and easy to do.

The front door needed some festive last minute cheer, so I found some Christmas fabric scraps (about 6 fat eights) and an old wire coathanger.  Don't take the top off the hanger as it makes a good loop to hang from a door knocker.  Use your hands or a pair of pliers to shape the hanger into a rough round. The fabric will cover a multitude of sins so don't worry if yours isn't accurate. 

All you need to do is cut your jolly fabric into 6-8 inch lengths by about 1inch wide. You can alter these measurements to suit yourself and your fabric stash, but that's the measurements for the wreath above.

Above: strips of cut fabric. Below tying them onto the coathanger with a simple over and under half knot.

Use your hand to push the cloth to the front of the hanger and twist any that aren't sitting quite right. Bunch them up good and tight.

Deck the halls!

It's that time of year again!

After realizing that my garage "tidy up" had left the box with the Christmas decorations in a totally inaccessible place, which meant putting the battery back in the car, removing several boxes of junk and quilts, and struggling with an over-packed shelf just to get to it, I've begun to Deck The Halls.

I've always liked print trays but don't have a proper one - this little box tray came from a local very cheap supermarket, you know the one, everything is a £, and is lined with some home-dyed fabric and is normally stacked with small collectibles.  At Christmas I empty it out and fill it again with decs.

It's given me an idea and I've been scouring Pinterest to find images of folk who've "pimped" their print trays. I'm going to turn this into a miniature world! Well, maybe I'll buy a slightly better made replacement first as I don't want to spend ages filling it only to find it falls apart under the weight or something. Sort of dolls house meets library meets having a bit of a laugh!

Mind you, the creative to-do list is getting a bit long. I'll have to crack on and start ticking a few things off - but maybe not until after January 1st? I'd love for you to join me as I make a start on it all.

If I'm not back here before then, please have a wonderful Christmas, share some love and take great care. Merry Christmas!!! Thanks for reading xx

I've been on my travels

I’ve been travelling! Back soon.

Someone asked me where my social media profiles had gone (FB and Instagram) and I apologize if you were one of my followers, but I've had a love/hate relationship with them because of my name and the subject matter of my life quilts. Both sites just removed my accounts saying I'd broken the rules, but to my knowledge I haven't. They've done this more than once. When I checked, I found several Chinese accounts and it looks like my name has been used for gaming sites, or maybe someone has objected to my account, who knows. FB have told me several times that I can't open an account with my name, because it's not a real name!! I gave up, sorry to mess you about.

I have to say though, there's a lot more time in the day 😀