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Just the jumper to do

Still painting but with a huge break for family stuff!  Back soon, but here's an update.

I wanted to focus and highlight the eye. The faded pencil drawing throws the painted bit into sharp relief and I'm trying to direct you to look at that part of the face and hopefully the eye in particular.

It's a portrait of my mother who is 92, and I've called it "The Final Vision" for reasons that I hope are obvious but if not, looking at age and a person who is fading away; clinging to a memory of them.

Pear warm-up

One of my "YouTube heroes" advises lots of simple paintings to warm up each day. Whilst that's a little excessive imho, I do agree that you need to keep your eye and hand in, and a little practice never goes amiss!

So, I've been having another blitz at painting pears. You'd think it would get a bit boring painting the same old things, but it doesn't - it's great fun. I try not to spend more than 10 minutes on each painting so that I keep it loose, and I only use a biggish brush.

If you'd like to have a go yourself, then don't forget there's a how-to on the blog here.

I am preparing to get out a canvas and do something a bit bigger - perhaps another portrait or a still life.