The Last Vision - progress. The quilt insert

I've just come back after a lovely family holiday and am all fired up and ready to continue with The Last Vision. I gave up on English paper piecing for the inlaid quilt.
It was perfectly doable even with acrylic painted slightly stiffened fabric and curves everywhere, but it was taking too long. I had to ask myself why I had chosen to do it this way - was it vanity to show I could, was I challenging my technical abilities, and what would I gain by doing it? The answer is not a lot! It's the look of the thing that matters ultimately, and what the piece says that is important.

So I've abandoned ship!! Here's it with the same fabrics but no piecing, just bondawebbed painted fabrics. I've begun to free machine them into place and will then add some paint to make it more realistic (hopefully!)

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