Social media apologies!

 The Poisonous Plant

Just a quickie to say that if we've been connected in some way via facebook or instagram, you may notice that I've disappeared. This has nothing to do with me and I apologise that we're not connected anymore. Facebook refuse to believe I exist (the problem with an odd name - they want a birth certificate would you believe?!! As if) and Instagram have deleted my account without warning - either they think the same or it's the life painting images on it and someone has objected - again.. It's impossible to get in touch with them about this so I am done for!!

Still I expect I shall survive, and after all this data leaking that's been going on, I'm not overly impressed by them anyway. I can make another account of course but I'll see how it goes!

 Your account has been disabled for violating our terms:


  1. Oh FFS!!! Instagram is owned by Facebook. That may explain both. My MD has had a similar problem - he's not bothered particularly but wanted to set up FB to understand how it works. ( we do use it for advertising).

    Stick to blogging - we know who you are and can find you ( btw, don't you also have a Mrs Miggins persona on FB?)

    Hope you're well my dear. Hilary xxx

    1. I'm well thank you Hilary! I'd completely forgotten about Mrs M (for anyone wondering Hilary runs the Quilters Tea Shop on Facebook - Mrs Miggins used to help out, but has been away for a while "drying out" after a sherry binge with the ladies of the Nether Wopping Troublesome Spinsters club) Ironic though isn't it, I can open an account in a false name, but when I try to open one in my own, they tell me only real names are permitted on Facebook!!! Lol.

    2. I’ve been trying to find Mrs Miggins and can’t. I think it must be a deleted profile but if she’s still around in the tea shop I wonder if you’d mind giving her an elbow in the ribs??