Christmas Pudding

I'm a bit late this year with the Christmas Puds but here's the recipe I always use.

4 oz shredded veggy suet
2 oz self raising flour
4 oz breadcrumbs
1 tsp mixed spice,
1/2 tsp each of cinnamon and grated nutmeg
Grated rind and juice of a lemon
Grated rind of an orange
8oz soft brown sugar (muscovado)
14 oz of sultanas, currants and raisins - in a mix that pleases you.
1 oz of candied peel, chopped
1 oz ground almonds
1 bramley apple, chopped small
5 fl oz of guinness or similar stout
2 large eggs

Measure all the ingredients into a bowl and mix. Cover and leave overnight. This makes 1 large pudding but you can divide into 2 smaller ones - adjust the steaming times - and make sure you fill the bowls nearly to the top. Grease the bowls with butter and cover with greaseproof paper and foil before cooking.

Steam or boil (put a saucer or similar in the bottom of the pan so it takes the bowl off the base). Keep the pan filled with boiling water during cooking (it should come to about half way up the bowl)  Steam for 4 hours for small puddings and 6 for a large one. Allow to cool and wrap in clean paper. On the day of eating, steam again for about 1/2 hours to heat through.

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