Waiting for a sketchbook to arrive

I recently commissioned a sketchbook to be made for me by a bookbinder. It will be of mixed paper, A3 sized - and I can't wait to get started on it. It will take a while to make though, so in the meantime I'm filling my time with a few crafts and experiments. It's good to have time to just muck about a bit.

Now I'm not the best at these things, but like trying anything new so thought I'd get to grips with making a few Christmas cards. I'm using dies on an xcut machine which I'm not having masses of success with. I bought it to use as a printing press and for that purpose it's great. Cutting little bits of paper should have been a breeze but it wasn't.

I did find that using some freezer paper/waxed paper between the die and the paper you want to use helps to release the shape better. I had no success at all cutting fabric but will keep trying.

Well it's a start!

AND, the rest of the process - making it up as you go along - I'd best put down to experience!!

I wondered how you'd stick fiddly bits of card to other bits of card, and came up with the idea of using double sided sticky tape. There is probably a suitable product out there that comes in larger pieces, but this was to hand. I put the tape on the card and peeled off the backing.

I then placed the cut outs on the sticky tape and used the tape covering to press into place.

 Here's everything stuck in place. Then I wondered what to do about the background. I had some faux gold leaf in the cupboard and thought that might look nice.

Here we are, finished. Not one of life's little joys really, but at least I know how these things work and what I don't want to do!!

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