Messy Mats

I just wanted to share a new purchase with you. (There's no affiliations btw - just think these are brill)

I discovered these Crafty Mats when I went on a lino cutting course recently. They're great for rolling out your printing ink, or just doing anything messy on. They're made out of bendy plastic which is thin enough to bend a bit as per the photo, but strong enough to take reasonable wear and tear. I don't think you could use them as a cutting mat as you might go through. There's a very handy grid on it and some angle lines. Best of all they're really cheap - just over £1 each. (£7.99 for a pack of 6-multi coloured)

Brilliant for children too of course!!

Footnote: I've had so many people ask where I got them from that I'm putting a link - although they are available widely!!
Baker Ross

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