Dorset Apple Cake

I love this time of year when autumn fills the kitchen with lots of lovely apples. In my younger days I was given to a bit of scrumping, but I'm far too old to climb a tree now - standing on a chair is a bit iffy these days.

The National Trust, bless them, sometimes sell their unwanted windfall apples and we've amassed quite a collection in the last week. They're different varieties but all cookers.

So here's my favourite Dorset Apple Cake recipe.


225g self raising flour
2 tsps mixed spice (or you could use cinnamon)
120g butter
120g sugar - brown or castor
1 large egg
milk - about 8 tablespoons
250g bramley or other cooking apples.
100g sultanas
I like to put demerara sugar on top - so a sprinkling if you have it.


Heat the oven to 160Fan or 180 ordinary, and line/grease an 8" round cake tin.

Peel and chop the apples and add the sultanas.

In another bowl rub the butter into the flour and mixed spice/cinnamon until it resembles breadcrumbs. Stir in the sugar. Beat in the egg and milk - you should have a smooth batter.

Mix the apples into the cake mix. Put into the greased tin and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake for about 30 minutes until firm - you can put a skewer in and see if it comes out clean too. Eat hot or cold - can't decide which I prefer.

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