Barm Brack

This has been a family favourite for years.  It's a lovely no fat, moist, fruit cake/tea bread which is incredibly easy to make. It improves with keeping but it's hard to keep your hands off!


12fl oz cold tea
7 oz soft brown sugar
12 oz mixed dried fruit (the one shown has sultanas and a few raisins)
10 oz self raising flour
1 egg

Put tea, sugar and dried fruit in a bowl, and cover and leave to soak overnight.

Mix the soaked fruit and sugar plus the liquid into the flour. Add the beaten egg to make a smooth mixture. Turn into a greased 8" tin and bake at 350F, Gas 4, or 150 Fan for about 1 hour 30 mins. The recipe actually says 1 hour and 45 minutes, but it's always done sooner especially in a fan oven.

Serve sliced with butter.

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