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FREE magazine for textile arts lovers.

Fabulous FREE magazine to read for free on line - all links at bottom of posting!

Edition 7 of the brand new Through Our Hands magazine is out now and absolutely FREE to read on line (links below) It's jam packed with beautiful images, information and inspiration.

We have some fabulous articles for you this time around from well known Textile artists and some you may not be familiar with yet. We hear from Sandra Meech, Linda Barlow (who's marooned on our Desert Island), Judy Coates Perez, Gaye Lasher, Mathilde Renes, Rachel Wright, and Luke Haynes amongst many others. We hope you enjoy reading it! Do let us know what you think (we promise to read your comments from behind the sofa where we're all hiding!)

 Don't forget the new TOH book is available on line too for £10 p&p FREE to UK addresses until Christmas and £5 to anywhere in the world. Don't be put off by PayPal - you can use your credit and debit cards for one-off payments. 84 full colour pages featuring all the stars of TOH!

 (image below: 8 of Cups by Judy Coates Perez)

8_of_Cups[1]     If you prefer to read off line on Kindles, iPads, computers, phones etc then you can download a pdf here: PDF version is £3 (plus any of your own local taxes) Buy Now  

 Read for free on line here: http://issuu.com/laurakemshall/docs/tohmagwinter2015/1   Please share any links with friends, on blogs, wherever you'd like!