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The Book Is Here!! Here's a quick look at what's inside

Well not all of it obviously, but here's a few pages to tempt you. It's on sale at £10 plus p&p. You'll need to visit the Through Our Hands website by clicking here, or come and see us at Festival of Quilts 6/9th August, NEC, Birmingham, UK. It'll be on line in a couple of days.

Life Story Tea Towels - A present for the woman who has everything??!

Printed in beautiful full colour on high quality half panama fabric* from the original quilt by Annabel Rainbow.

Each tea towel measures 65cms x 46cms, and costs £12 plus a small amount towards post and packing. If you want more than one tea towel please contact me for special postal rates based on numbers annabelrainbow@gmail.com or use the “Contact Us” button on this website.

* Cotton Half Panama has a single warp thread and a double weft thread. This heavy fabric is mostly used for interior designs, but is great for a tea towel!

The Life Story Tea Towels can be purchased online via paypal here (you can use your debit or credit card without having an account) There are 6 designs altogether.



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Catch up.

....with the blog, which has been sadly neglected!

Of course, this is my number one latest joy, Isabel Grace. I may have mentioned her before!

But there is lots of wonderful things happening at Through Our Hands at the moment that involves quite a bit of work. Laura is number one layout Queen so has been doing nearly all the work involved in the new book......(small fanfare please)....Through Our Hands Portfolio.  It includes not only the work of all 27 artists but feature articles written by some of them too. The foreword is by Maggie Grey, and I'm not saying a word, but I'm frantically studying a Book Of Small Jokes in order to live up to expectations!  (Honestly, you'll have to read what she's written!)

Bilston exhibition is still on until 25th July, so if you haven't seen it and fancy a day out, why not nip along?  All the work is new and it won't be at Festival - so it's a see now or miss it, opportunity. There's plenty of places to visit nearby to have lunch or a wander round, if you want to make a day trip of it.

and yes, as I've mentioned the Festival of Quilts (NEC Aug 6/9th) is a completely different and new show.  The Dementia Darnings from Jenni Dutton, work by Sue Stone, and Genevieve Attinger will be there as well as unseen work by many of the TOH Affiliate Artists. AND we'd love to let you know about the Performance Art that will be going on throughout the 4 days.  Drop by and see us transforming work before your eyes.  If you're one of those lovely people who ask me how I paint quilts, now will be the time to come and watch as I'm going to paint one LIVE for you.  Ecky Thump!!  But, Laura and Linda will be doing an amazing transformation too, and Clare Smith will have something astonishing and new up her sleeve too. We need to buy guttering - what can I say?!!  Come and see for yourself. It'll be on the stand as these are not demonstrations. Intrigued? You might have to listen for a bell.

You'll remember Jenni's work from the cover of the May TOH mag.

I can tell you now, that I have 2 of them in my spare bedroom, and in real life they are absolutely STONKING! They'll be on the stand.

The Mag

Which reminds me, the mag will be absolutely free to read on line again this quarter. It'll still be £3 to download a pdf version so you can keep it, and read when you want to offline, but you'll be able to access the whole magazine online via the website, or by a link sent to your inbox. (you can sign up for this service by completing the Newsletter Form on the website)

The Tea Towels are on their way too and will be at Festival for you to look at and buy if you want to.

The Registry, is coming soon I promise you. As you can see we've been a little busy and have had to put sorting the software out until we can both find time to breath!  I hope you'll bear with us :) Thank you.

Finally, I'd like to leave you with a bit of a sneaky peak at behind the scenes with an In Bloom judge.....

 It's not just about individual gardens of course but the town as a whole and making sure we make the most of what we have.  This is the path at the end of my road, through a wood and alongside the river Leam.

A Kingfisher seen on the River Leam at Welches Meadow

Project Sunflower - grown by local schools for the new Sensory Garden in the Jephsons.

And the annual bedding at Jephson Gardens.

 If you want to see more images or find out about the town, click on the image in my sidebar, and go to the website (which has also taken up a LOT of time!)  Hopefully it'll be a hub for everyone to use...but I've not quite finished it yet. www.leamingtoninbloom.co.uk