Life 17 - The Inexorable Tide of Dinner

 I've sandwiched the fabric layers together with the wadding, and traced an outline from my sketchbook to the cloth in pencil, and I've just completed the under painting on the face. It looks rather alarming doesn't it, but fortunately it won't stay like that for long. I think I shall do some stitching before the next bit of painting though as I'm not keen on adding it afterwards - it's too harsh. The layers of paint have the effect of hiding the thread colour and making it recede. I realize this may be slightly different from the norm.

Here's the Life Story tea towels that will be available - should you need a gift for someone who has everything!! I'm not sure of the price yet but it won't be huge. Hopefully aprons will be available for the 1st and 3rd below. It's not really possible to put the words on the tea towels so it's very much about taking the image at face value, and if that amuses, then that's more than fine!

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