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FREE magazine for textile arts lovers.

Fabulous FREE magazine to read for free on line - all links at bottom of posting!

Edition 7 of the brand new Through Our Hands magazine is out now and absolutely FREE to read on line (links below) It's jam packed with beautiful images, information and inspiration.

We have some fabulous articles for you this time around from well known Textile artists and some you may not be familiar with yet. We hear from Sandra Meech, Linda Barlow (who's marooned on our Desert Island), Judy Coates Perez, Gaye Lasher, Mathilde Renes, Rachel Wright, and Luke Haynes amongst many others. We hope you enjoy reading it! Do let us know what you think (we promise to read your comments from behind the sofa where we're all hiding!)

 Don't forget the new TOH book is available on line too for £10 p&p FREE to UK addresses until Christmas and £5 to anywhere in the world. Don't be put off by PayPal - you can use your credit and debit cards for one-off payments. 84 full colour pages featuring all the stars of TOH!

 (image below: 8 of Cups by Judy Coates Perez)

8_of_Cups[1]     If you prefer to read off line on Kindles, iPads, computers, phones etc then you can download a pdf here: PDF version is £3 (plus any of your own local taxes) Buy Now  

 Read for free on line here: http://issuu.com/laurakemshall/docs/tohmagwinter2015/1   Please share any links with friends, on blogs, wherever you'd like!

Life Story Tea Towels are back in stock! £12 plus a bit towards p&p

The Life Story tea towels are back in stock here!! and can be bought on line. They cost £12 plus a bit towards p&p. There are 6 different designs.  Aprons are also available to order - please just ask.

Printed in beautiful full colour on high quality half panama fabric from the original quilt
Each tea towel measures 65cms x 46cms. (Cotton Half Panama has a single warp thread and a double weft thread. This heavy fabric is mostly used for interior designs, but is great for a tea towel!)

More sketchbook pages

To follow the latest sketchbook pages and work you'll need to visit www.annabelrainbow.blogspot.com (textiles with a bit of other things) or www.annabelrainbow.co.uk (just textiles)

A visit to Snowshill Manor (NT - Broadway, Glos) is always worth a trip if you're looking for inspiration. It's jam packed to the rafters with everything imaginable. I love the Chinese cabinets with endless drawers full of tiny treasures.

Left are some keys and a beetle. There are cabinets of both on the landings and stair wells.

Stratford Butterfly Farm, which is near enough to make a quick happy visit with small grandchildren- even if they're frustrated with not being able to touch the butterflies!

The Book Is Here!! Here's a quick look at what's inside

Well not all of it obviously, but here's a few pages to tempt you. It's on sale at £10 plus p&p. You'll need to visit the Through Our Hands website by clicking here, or come and see us at Festival of Quilts 6/9th August, NEC, Birmingham, UK. It'll be on line in a couple of days.

Life Story Tea Towels - A present for the woman who has everything??!

Printed in beautiful full colour on high quality half panama fabric* from the original quilt by Annabel Rainbow.

Each tea towel measures 65cms x 46cms, and costs £12 plus a small amount towards post and packing. If you want more than one tea towel please contact me for special postal rates based on numbers annabelrainbow@gmail.com or use the “Contact Us” button on this website.

* Cotton Half Panama has a single warp thread and a double weft thread. This heavy fabric is mostly used for interior designs, but is great for a tea towel!

The Life Story Tea Towels can be purchased online via paypal here (you can use your debit or credit card without having an account) There are 6 designs altogether.



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Catch up.

....with the blog, which has been sadly neglected!

Of course, this is my number one latest joy, Isabel Grace. I may have mentioned her before!

But there is lots of wonderful things happening at Through Our Hands at the moment that involves quite a bit of work. Laura is number one layout Queen so has been doing nearly all the work involved in the new book......(small fanfare please)....Through Our Hands Portfolio.  It includes not only the work of all 27 artists but feature articles written by some of them too. The foreword is by Maggie Grey, and I'm not saying a word, but I'm frantically studying a Book Of Small Jokes in order to live up to expectations!  (Honestly, you'll have to read what she's written!)

Bilston exhibition is still on until 25th July, so if you haven't seen it and fancy a day out, why not nip along?  All the work is new and it won't be at Festival - so it's a see now or miss it, opportunity. There's plenty of places to visit nearby to have lunch or a wander round, if you want to make a day trip of it.

and yes, as I've mentioned the Festival of Quilts (NEC Aug 6/9th) is a completely different and new show.  The Dementia Darnings from Jenni Dutton, work by Sue Stone, and Genevieve Attinger will be there as well as unseen work by many of the TOH Affiliate Artists. AND we'd love to let you know about the Performance Art that will be going on throughout the 4 days.  Drop by and see us transforming work before your eyes.  If you're one of those lovely people who ask me how I paint quilts, now will be the time to come and watch as I'm going to paint one LIVE for you.  Ecky Thump!!  But, Laura and Linda will be doing an amazing transformation too, and Clare Smith will have something astonishing and new up her sleeve too. We need to buy guttering - what can I say?!!  Come and see for yourself. It'll be on the stand as these are not demonstrations. Intrigued? You might have to listen for a bell.

You'll remember Jenni's work from the cover of the May TOH mag.

I can tell you now, that I have 2 of them in my spare bedroom, and in real life they are absolutely STONKING! They'll be on the stand.

The Mag

Which reminds me, the mag will be absolutely free to read on line again this quarter. It'll still be £3 to download a pdf version so you can keep it, and read when you want to offline, but you'll be able to access the whole magazine online via the website, or by a link sent to your inbox. (you can sign up for this service by completing the Newsletter Form on the website)

The Tea Towels are on their way too and will be at Festival for you to look at and buy if you want to.

The Registry, is coming soon I promise you. As you can see we've been a little busy and have had to put sorting the software out until we can both find time to breath!  I hope you'll bear with us :) Thank you.

Finally, I'd like to leave you with a bit of a sneaky peak at behind the scenes with an In Bloom judge.....

 It's not just about individual gardens of course but the town as a whole and making sure we make the most of what we have.  This is the path at the end of my road, through a wood and alongside the river Leam.

A Kingfisher seen on the River Leam at Welches Meadow

Project Sunflower - grown by local schools for the new Sensory Garden in the Jephsons.

And the annual bedding at Jephson Gardens.

 If you want to see more images or find out about the town, click on the image in my sidebar, and go to the website (which has also taken up a LOT of time!)  Hopefully it'll be a hub for everyone to use...but I've not quite finished it yet. www.leamingtoninbloom.co.uk

Life 17 - The Inexorable Tide of Dinner

 I've sandwiched the fabric layers together with the wadding, and traced an outline from my sketchbook to the cloth in pencil, and I've just completed the under painting on the face. It looks rather alarming doesn't it, but fortunately it won't stay like that for long. I think I shall do some stitching before the next bit of painting though as I'm not keen on adding it afterwards - it's too harsh. The layers of paint have the effect of hiding the thread colour and making it recede. I realize this may be slightly different from the norm.

Here's the Life Story tea towels that will be available - should you need a gift for someone who has everything!! I'm not sure of the price yet but it won't be huge. Hopefully aprons will be available for the 1st and 3rd below. It's not really possible to put the words on the tea towels so it's very much about taking the image at face value, and if that amuses, then that's more than fine!

Being daft again.

It's a nice sunny day today, and having recently visited the Farrier to get my feet "summer ready" I thought today would be a good chance to don the sandals for the first time for my shopping trip to Stratford.  I suffer slightly from arthritic toes, so always expect some discomfort foot-wise in anything other than slippers.

I had been walking for about 20 minutes, and had noticed that one hip seemed slightly uncomfortable - at an odd angle - and it was making me walk with a slight limp.  When you're young you wonder about these sudden pains and oddities, but when you get older you just hope it'll go away if you forget about it. DH walks at a fair old pace, so I was beginning to struggle to keep up.  Ah me, the arthritis was obviously working it's way to my hip. I tried very hard not to limp.

Eventually I wended a weary way home, and it was as I was throwing myself down in a chair with a soothing cup of coffee, that I saw the problem. I'd spent the entire morning walking round Stratford in odd sandals. My hip wasn't playing me up; one sole of one shoe was a good 2cms higher than the other. How come I didn't notice before? Plop knows.

Mind you, it's been a while since I've done anything daft (last time I think was wearing my trousers inside out all day) so I guess I'm overdue.

Here's the beginnings of a portrait - the under painting in acrylic.  It looks very odd doesn't it?  It'll get better when the eyes are defined. I'm going to switch to oils for this one, but wanted to get the basics down in something quick drying.

The Liberated Quilt - some pictures

 Laura and I were beyond thrilled at seeing the new Through Our Hands, The Liberated Quilt exhibition at Bilston opening yesterday.

We've both put in such a lot of hard work on this and it was pure joy to see such interesting and different work, from the 24 international artists, that we were quite blown away!  The work was incredible - such a high standard - with new and interesting ideas with each piece.

The opening was yesterday afternoon, and we had about 100 visitors who came to have tea, cake and chat.  You can see Michala Gyetvai and Alicia Merrett getting ready for the afternoon in the photos - they were doing demonstrations and talking about their work.

I don't want to give too much away here - but you won't be disappointed if you make the effort to get to Bilston, which is a fabulous gallery, large, white walled, with lots of natural daylight and space.

Here's another first for you!  Performance dyeing.  Laura and I climbed a stepladder to start the dyes running through Clare Smith's pojagi piece called Bitter Harvest.  Over the course of the exhbition, the dyes will run and merge making some fabulous effects. Look at closely, you can see some beautiful patterns happening around the stitching and patterning in the cloth.

The artists taking part are: Annabel Rainbow, Alicia Merrett, Sandra Meech, Linda Colsh, Bethan Ash, Els van Baarle, Olga Prins-Lukowski, Bente Vold Klausen, Bobbie Britnell, Deidre Adams, Sue Benner, Jette Clover, Eszter Bornemisza, Claire Smith, Dijanne Cevaal, Elizabeth Barton, Linda Barlow, Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, Michala Gyetvai, Jeanne Williamson, Sara Impey, Susan Lenz, Laura Kemshall, Linda Kemshall.  How's that for a line up!!

And just in case you thought you'd hang on for the Festival of Quilts, well, we have a whole new show coming there, so this is your one and only chance to see some of the best makers in the world strutting their stuff!

That'll be a fail then.

You see, there I am helping to produce a fab magazine and run a website, organizing exhibitions, doing my quilts, and all those other things we busy folk do, so I hope you'll allow me a fail now and then.

Now you lot out there know I'm not the biggest whizz in the world at cooking.  Today I made marmalade - the proper stuff with seville oranges - and burnt it.  After all that shredding etc it was such a shame, but I was able to bottle the jam that wasn't to close to the burnt bits and have 4 jars of orange flavoured toffee spread.

But that's not all.  I've been in hysterics.  I bought a fresh dough pizza kit for tea, and it said to put it on non stick baking parchment before putting on the tray.  I didn't see the non stick bit.

DH is slightly depressed and a bit empty, poor love. He carefully picked off all the pieces of paper that were welded to the dough.  Here's what's left of DH's pizza.  I'm not hungry at all because I ate the pizza including the paper.  If you don't hear from me for a few days, I could be dead of congestion of the chitterlings.