Textile Arts - on facebook and in Australia

Before I began working on the Through Our Hands exhibition in Leamington Spa nearly 18 months ago, I started a Facebook group called Textile Arts

The idea was to show there was a following out there for quilts in art galleries rather than in shows.  I'm not alone in this view I know, but I wanted absolute proof that I could show to my own local gallery.  It quickly grew and my mission was successful.

Shortly after that I handed over the admin for the group to a lady called Neroli Henderson, and it's gone from strength to strength with about 5,000 followers.  Do go and have a look if you haven't as it's a great place to post your work.

The group has been so successful that one of the leading Australian magazines, Down Under Textiles, asked to do an article on it, and of course, Neroli gave the history including how the group started and why, and included images of my work.  I've just heard that they've done a beautiful article but haven't published any of my images.  Why?  The usual.

I confess I had thought the Ozzies were a bit more broad minded and understanding of these things than the Americans, but apparently not.

Because this blog seems to be just one long thread of such things at the moment, I'm taking a break from blogging in this format. If you'd like to keep up with the work and see how it develops, updates are on the website front page under Studio Blog.


  1. ffs! yet another reason to be ashamed to be Australian (and we have lots at the moment. I'm so sorry - we really are a nation of fuckwits.

  2. Rubens, Renoir, Rainbow. Keep going Annabel. You are following in great footsteps while pioneering a contemporary take on the ancient tradition of seeing beauty in the naked form. The form wouldn't take my name so I had to tick anonymous but im proud to support you. Linda Roan

  3. As I was reading your post I thinking I would go and buy a copy of the magazine....but by the time I got to the end of your post ....

    I'm not going to bother buying a copy.....I want to see photos of your quilts.....so I will just keep following your blog......Cathy

  4. Don't be downhearted Annabel, as difficult as it must be not to. I cannot understand what is wrong with all these people who cannot view what you do as art. Linda Roan's comment could have been mine. Keep working just the way you choose to, you have a great following and a great talent. Not to worry about the blogging break, we'll still be here when/if you decide to resume. xx

  5. And yet the press is full of nearly-nude photographs of nubile young women, with the express purpose of tittilation (shades of Frankie Howerd, sorry)
    Nil carborundum. Enjoy your break - we'll look forward to your return.

  6. Anne in Australia13 June 2014 at 05:56

    Annabel, please don't think that all Aussies have the same view as those who make decisions about what is seen in the media. The majority of us are better than that, and many do appreciate thought-provoking art. The press is not necessarily representative of us collectively - despite what they might like to think.

  7. I was going to buy a copy of this magazine - now I won't. How short sighted, and frankly ignorant they are being. I love your work and your details are breathtaking. I adore your work with the orange (sorry, mind blank) and I make a point of telling everyone to go and look for it on your blog. We need MORE representations of real women being real artists in middle age and beyond. You are an inspiration Annabel, keep at it.

  8. Dear everyone. You are so kind and I'm genuinely moved by your kind support and intelligent comments. Sometimes though it pisses me off somewhat so I'm dividing my blogs into two. Me being an idiot plus travels and sketchbooks are now on www.annabelrainbow.blogspot.com. This is a very old blog address but I've played with it a bit and it's up and running. All the textiles are now on a studio blog on my website. What I make are quilts, but I don't feel the quilt world is where they belong.