Stitching is almost done.

 I've been adding more applique, and the stitching is now nearly complete - just more background quilting.  I'm keeping the area between the table and crows completely plain in order to focus your eyes onto the table.

The crow is thinking about painting something.  Maybe he'll just be adding to the general mess by dripping paint everywhere. 

I wasn't sure if the large appliqued quilts which Laura printed for me would work, but I confess to being quite pleased at how it's going together now the directional stitching is in place.  A spot of paint and all will become obvious I hope.


  1. Living to work - working to live has left a new comment on your post "Stitching is almost done.":

    Gosh, I see elements of other quilts in here. Exciting to see how this will look when finished. Xxx

    1. Sorry LTW, I'm having mouse problems (probably needs a new battery) and clicked the wrong option and deleted your comment instead of publishing it. The quilt is all about art quilts!!