Snippets of the painting so far

When I paint a quilt, the idea is not to obliterate all that lovely fabric under layers of acrylic, but merely to enhance what's already there.  Sometimes because I have a change of heart about something, it might make a repaint necessary, and sometimes, at the outset, I deliberately choose fabrics that are a base colour knowing that I might have to alter it substantially later on. (The mouse for example was grey cloth, and this still just about comes through the overlaid paint of browns, reds and white.)

Above, after stitching and before paint.  Right, the painting nearly done in parts.

Although not finished, I thought you might like to see this process, and the effect it has and why I do it.

More close ups are below.  I will go back into most of these bits to refine, when the rest of the quilt is done.  There's no point getting too bogged down in one area - it has to build as a whole first.

We found a dead crow in the park yesterday, when we were weeding, and I was really tempted to bring it home and draw - the wings are lovely.  I told G, and he said that if I had brought it home, he'd have gone out and bought me a garret somewhere far away which I could fill with dead things, but he'd draw the line at filling the house with maggoty bits and bobs. Fair Dooos.  When I've finished I'll do before and afters next to each other - it's great fun!


  1. The details in your quilts are always so fascinating.

  2. I love your work. I keep waiting for the birds to spill the wine....

    1. Thanks Sally...I'm leaving most of the mess until the basics are done. I have been taking photos of poo trails on cars to get an idea of how to paint them. How sad is that??