Life 13 - Roots. The beginning.

Having indulged myself with some portraits for Life 11, and having been a little arsy for Life 12, I think it's about time to get back to the job of life studies.

I have 3 or 4 quilts lined up to tackle and they're all vying for attention, but I think I might tackle Roots next as it's the most rounded idea so far.

Love this painting - sorry don't know who it's by.

I'm fascinated by tree roots - well trees in their entirety really - but those large ancient roots that peep up from the ground like old fingers are unsettling, intriguing, beautiful.

Do you ever think about taking emergency shelter?  You know, if you suddenly became homeless or cast out without penny for some reason?  I do.  When I go for a walk, especially in the countryside, I often look at hidden and protected places, as somewhere to spend the night. Its a comfort to know that you could always find shelter.  Just me then??  ok.  Places such as a bridge out of the wind, or a nook in lush vegetation where you wouldn't get wet, or somewhere where there's easy access to cardboard or waterproof sheeting!

Taking it a step further, (well why not - we're already in the realms of fantasy)  my nails are really, really strong and grow quite fast. It’s always a pain to cut them and I’ve often thought that monthly visits to the Vet or an accomplished Farrier might be useful. It was a small step to imagining that if in difficulties I could always burrow to find shelter without too much problem. I’d probably live in a set much like a badger or rabbit! Just think, you could dig tunnels and add rooms just as you needed. Though with my sense of direction I'd head off with a tunnel towards Buckingham Palace and end up in the local sewage works. I'd also need good lighting I think.

Back to the roots.  

A mono boob uber quick sketch of an idea of a body under tree roots, done a while back.

Below: a painting on paper done quite quickly at a life drawing class.  It may not look much for a day's painting efforts, but it was great because I managed to get some thoughts out of my head and onto paper. 

I also had a visit from a most fantastic model, a few weeks ago, who will be just right for this piece.

In fact, at the moment, I'll use two models I think, including the one on the right.

I might have enough for more than one quilt. Not so much working in series, more working in a forest.

Now there's an idea, who said I had to limit myself to one tree?


  1. Interesting ideas - I am sure your art is deeper and more informed by your being quite the nutter! I have occasionally had conversations with chums about how we would survive in cities as homeless people, but I haven't ever thought of living rough in the countryside. I will now be looking at hedge-bottoms and mountain leesides with fresh eyes!
    PS You are actually in my top ten of 'most sane' people I know

    1. I'm genuinely moved that you consider me as in your top ten sane people. Especially as I know there's only 9 people in your village :))

  2. PPS - did you mean arsy, or artsy?

  3. Loving this idea, I do love tree roots, I could imagine living inside a tree, I might just have to find a 'drink me' potion to fit through the little door at the bottom.
    Your blog is always a joy to read and nearly always makes me laugh.

  4. I al *relieved* that someone else does this--i ran away a few times when i was little and always found places like this to hide--i still scope out areas wherever i am going, for whatever reason!