Chelsea - and a Granny Rainbow moment.

 Above are some of the plants GALS have grown for The Chelsea Flower Show, which opens today. 

On the left is a photo of them in situ!!  How fab.  Our fingers are crossed for Debbie Cooke and Sarah Horne - we hope you get a gold!!  You deserve one.

 And here's some shamelessly happy Granny moments.  Such a cutie pie....the shorts always get me :))


  1. Congrats on the Chelsea moment! I have just spent the weekend in my garden - first time since I started my C&G 18 months ago - and it felt really strange but very lovely to be back to earth. Your granddaughter is a Peach - she looks like you!!

  2. Thank you rcw, you can't beat a good potter around a flower bed. We saw a 120ft border today full of lupins, delphiniums and aquilegia and it looked STONKING! I won't tell my granddaughter what you said!

  3. The flowers look beautiful> would love to know how they did. I've been looking at the results but it's hard to find not knowing which category they are in.

    1. Hello Maggi, I called into the shop this morning to ask, and apparently they got a silver, and they're thrilled!

  4. I saw them being interviewed the other day and wondered if it were your crowd. Exciting- Silver!
    Lovely little one.