Ok I've been slacking

I've realized that the blog isn't being updated as often as usual and I'm sorry about that - although it's possible you're relieved.  I can't tell from this end of things.  I have my darlingest granddaughter coming to stay for a few days so thought I'd best get in an update before the mad rush begins.  How can one tiny person cause 4 grown adults to work so hard? It always makes me wonder - how did my granny manage with so many children in such a tiny home. I'll never know.  Still, between you and me I feel my mother could have done with a spot more attention.

Life 12 is coming along nicely with the basics in now.  I keep adding bits like this vase of flowers but it needed a flash of something in that space.

The words on the quilt are simple this time. They are, ....And the crows came to the feast and laid waste to the beauty.

I have yet to work out how to create a madness in it all, but there will be bird poo, and probably a bit of feather here and there, some spillage from that wine glass, and a fight over the cake and crumbs.  Some of the birds will be holding torn off pieces of quilt in their beak.  Can you see that crow in the centre front?  Well, he's eyeballing you, and will be hanging on to a bit of boob. Probably.


  1. It's looking awesome already - love it!

  2. Cheers Laura!! I'm going to enjoy painting this - love a still life. Not sure how to paint the poo yet, so best get looking for some to copy.

  3. You are so irreverent! Thanks for the update.