Have I shown you these before?

I collect perfume bottles which is a new obsession along with cloisonne. Here's the Christmas one on the right; all swirls and colours. I liked the shape.

But this one is an even better shape.  So gorgeous, and it's on the latest quilt as part of the still life.

I bought this cushion at Linda and Laura Kemshall's stand at the NEC recently.  You can probably guess why!  But aren't the colours fabulous?  It's printed on velvet so feels very rich and luxurious.

Bobby Britnell was also there with her bark cloth shoes and baskets sold obo her charity Hands Up For Uganda.  I couldn't resist this cushion either, so came home well padded. It's great to have affordable snippets of wonderful original work around the house. 


  1. I Love your purchases and your perfume bottle collection!! I also adore YOUR work and have just found you!! You have inspired me!!! I also collect smalls from friends who are artists as I cannot afford their large pieces. Btu I now have quite a nice collection!!