A touch of the Gothic around the tea and buns.

We had a lovely afternoon at Coombe Abbey Hotel in Coventry today.

20 years ago the Abbey was a ruin but is now a thriving hotel, and quite a good place for afternoon tea - which we were treated to by youngest DD.  It's moated, ever so slightly spooky, and the rooms are quite dramatic - a touch of theatre!


 DH is a great tapper. Sometimes this gets us into trouble with curators and security men, at other times it's a great way to find out that most of the furniture and fixtures are hollow and reproductions.

It's kept quite dark on purpose so the photos aren't clear but I thought you might enjoy a flavour.

The waiter asked if we had any special dietry requests.  I said yes please, I'd like a lot of cream.  Seemed to work.

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  1. Oooooo - how exciting. Last year I went to a wedding at Coombe Abbey. Lovely!!! Just stunning venue for a wedding. Th bedrooms weren't spooky at all!!!!