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As well as the 2 Life quilts under construction at the moment, my mind is filled with the next ones too.   I have mentioned before that Life - about 15 I think - will be called Roots.  The model has been, I've done some sketching, and I've been collecting lovely pictures of tree roots and branches.  I found this gorgeous wisteria at Charlecote park last week. Isn't it the most amazing shape?

I thought I'd cheer you up with this rather lovely picture of some hellebores, which was taken this morning in the park.  I spend most Thursday mornings gardening in one place or the other. This winter has been a bit of a washout (the wettest winter on record) but the sun was shining on us today. Great to feel that spring is just around the corner. I've volunteered to grow some plants for an entry in Chelsea Flower Show this year, so I might be extra busy for the next 6 months!

Yesterday was rather lovely too!  Laura and I went to Bilston to do some sorting out for a wonderous exhibition we're helping to organize for Through Our Hands next year.  We've got some exciting things planned and lots of the artists are joining in producing new and unseen work. The space is large and white walled so we have a blank canvas to play with...oooooo....I'm so inspired!  We'd love for you to put us in your diary: 

Through Our Hands at Bilston: Dates of exhibition: 23rd May 2015 until 18th July 2015

Afterwards I went on to Wightwick Manor which is the most lovely Arts and Crafts house, stuffed to the rafters with preraphelite paintings and sketches...if you decide to come to Bilston, it's a lovely place to go as well - about 20 minutes away by car - and they have a cafe. Could be a cracking day out - why not organize a coach and bring your friends!! (OK I confess, I may be getting carried away)

I popped over to see the new exhibition of Moore and Rodin at Compton Verney too (and to fill up on tea and buns of course)  Mmmm, well I'm not sure that the sculptures move me that much, (with the exception of the Burghers of Calais by Rodin which was very expressive) but the sketches and smaller pieces in the galleries were very interesting.  

Again, I've come back inspired to do some sketchbook work.  So, to find out that Laura has been playing with a new technique making easy transfers to your sketchbook, was bliss.  (sorry, can't give it away, that wouldn't be fair....after all, you have to subscribe to DMTV)  I'll show you some results though when I've had a go.

Portraits 3 and 4 nearly finished.

Baby is finished but daughter is still being worked on.

Baby is looking straight at you, because she's asking you, "why?"

Below: another 2 or 3 to go before I can begin working on the top half of the quilt.