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Setting up the still life for Life 11 - A Murder

Mmmm not entirely sure yet - it's not really chaotic enough, but it's quite hard to do.  Maybe I'll have to chuck the glasses around a bit.

DH took a bite out the pork pie for me and I took a large nip out the sponge cake.  I'm ashamed to say my bite was much bigger than his.  Have you ever taken a whole cake and bitten into it?  I haven't (the occasion has never arisen) but it was quite fun.  I highly recommend it for those in need of cheer.


  1. Pfew...that will be a LOT of work. Can't wait.

    1. Mmmmm still not sure, it's all a bit static. A good place to start though.

    2. Did I just say a still life was too static. What a lemon! I meant too placed and not enough mayhem.

  2. I just love your work and watching how your mind works!!!