Life 10 finished

Life 10 - Leaf Mould

157 cmsx 135 cms
Applique, designed and custom digitally printed fabrics, stitch and acrylic paint. Details here


  1. wow! That really glows.
    Sandy in Bracknell

    1. Thanks Sandy. A while ago I did a painting which involved texture from unfixed dyed wool and cottons, painted over with acrylics. The dye kept seeping through the layers of paint. At the time it was a nuisance but I remembered it for this piece. The dye was fixed as normal and washed but not all the dye was removed - there was just sufficient left to come through the paint. When I applied my yellows and whites etc., it had the effect of turning them into greens and pale blues which gave the light. After a couple of coats the dye stopped seeping and I was able to add highlights and they stayed white and yellow. So it was a build up of layers, but without masses of control. Interesting!

  2. I love the way that you have captured the light in this. I think it is my favourite one so far, particularly with all the underlying messages.

  3. Thank you Maggi, it's G's favourite one so far too but I'm not sure why. Close questioning hasn't got me very far. It's calm exterior doesn't really give you a clue to what it's all about - you can see the spirituality and the "growing" bit, but you have to look closely to find the message, so thank you for taking the time to read about it.

  4. Your work is totally mesmerizing and so thought provoking. Thanks for allowing us to step into your work.